Playing Catchup: August 21st, 2014. A Maternity shoot

Here I sit with my sweet, little  Rilo babe sleeping on my chest. Last time I wrote, Preston and I were anxiously awaiting her arrival - not knowing she would be a 'her' (we were actually both pretty convinced we would be having a boy)!

Now that the craziest part of the year for the Smith/Tillotson family has passed (fall, namely Halloween, is INSANE for us. But, I'll get to that later), I am finally finding time to document what's been happening over the last couple months!

I'm so excited to finally be sharing these photos. I had wanted to take maternity photos all along but as Rilos due date drew near and Preston and I got busier with work and preparing our home for baby, I was hesitant that we would actually get to do them.
Within a couple days of her due date, and under the strong impression that she would not be arriving 'on time' we arranged to have our maternity shoot on August 21st (her 'due date').
We thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate/distract ourselves from the fact baby wasn't with us yet!

I am still completely head over heels with these photos and with the decision we made to get them. The last time Preston and I got photographed was at our wedding nearly two years ago!
Officially being mom now, I can say confidently that I will always adore these photos and the fact that they were taken at right before one of the biggest, and best game changers of our lives.
Looking at these I think they perfectly display how ecstatic Preston and I were to be parents!
One day when you see these Rilo, I hope you realize how you completely and totally changed our lives for the better since the moment we found out you were coming!

Photos by the lovely, sweet, and oh so talented Melissa Leavitt 

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