Life as of late (according to photographs)

todays post is gonna be a lazy one. 
i just want to show that we are still alive, very well alive and very, very well, and well, still pregnant, very pregnant (:

getting ready to witness the super moon along with every bug on utah lake (the photo fuzz, those are bugs, billions)

perks of living on the parade route: free, still frozen otter pops
the girls play fetch while presto skates
my handsome hiker

cheesin' in my parents prowler

timpanookee road

catching those golden rays
being serious and stuff
our view for the 24th of july (no wildfires were caused in the making of this photo)
they just got married and still love each other and stuff 
'the staggered band photo' with the greatest friends
'the semi-inappropriate' group photo thanks to the smiths 

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