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My, my, my, it has been a minute since I've been around here! 
So much has happened since the last post i.e., 
+Preston has been the busiest bee with Circus work, plus an 
awesome new project he's been working on
+our puppy and my stomach have been growing like crazy
+we've gotten to attend and photograph a plethora of dear
 friends weddings this summer and have so many more to look forward to,
+we have had so many wonderful opportunities to spend time with
our families and have been blessed to have built/rekindled such amazing 
friendships that we hope last a lifetime
+plus I have been beyond blessed to have had such a smooth, happy,
and healthy first pregnancy (30 weeks!! 10 - give or take - more to go!!!)

Along with all of this wonderful stuff, we made another big life move, literally.

As of the evening Friday June 6th, 2014, after some quick action from our realtor + some unconditional love and support from our family, + the signing and initialing of a 'couple papers' (I hope the sarcasm is sensed here),  Mr. Preston J. Smith & I became

Home Owners
Built: 1929
We are: the 4th owners
Located: American Fork, Utah
Yard: Yes. Fenced for Kieda,
 mature peonies, wild roses and raised garden boxes for me
 & a shop for Presto
Good News: We are close to EVERYTHING 
Bad News: We forgot to switch our utilities, 
no hot water for us over the weekend (:

+A quick little photo sesh came to be after some fun light decided to play+

Man, who knew a first home could feel so good and invite so much love and support into one tiny families lives! I have been in awe by the outreach of help we have received, especially from our family and close friends, though we haven't exactly needed a lot of help at this point (it literally took us no more than two hours to move in) we are so thankful for everyones offers and have loved, loved, loved having people over - even though we can't offer a place to sit quite yet!
I am so excited for our home to be a place to gather with these people more often. I can sense that there are great memories to be made in this home for our little family over the next couple years.

I can't wait to post more as we get more settled!

I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and thankful for every good thing in life - there is so much to be thankful for!

Amanda Smith  


  1. These photos are too sweet :) I'm so excited for your cute little family and new home and I want to come see it!!

    1. we WANT you to come see it! We'll have an official house warming, get together very, very soon (: