over the weekend

Thursday 6.19.14, Preston & I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the most lovely wedding for our dear friends Mo and Abigayle. These two were absolutely ravishing/handsome/lovely/gorgeous in their wedding attire (Abis dress was UNREAL), and on top of that they were both beaming with pure joy! Their venue was a dream as well - the weather was supreme and a back drop of pine and aspen filled mountains were breath taking. Plus it was decked out with the most beautiful floral arrangements I've ever seen! 
The day was perfect, filled with so much love and complete with the funnest wedding party, ever.
 It was just the greatest and we are so completely happy for those two!

The rest of the weekend brought even more fun! 
+we had a blast getting some sun with impromptu paddle boarding while our friend James and his sweet mom competed in a wakeboarding comp at Utah Lake
+enjoyed in some people watching/booth browsing at the Strawberry Days festival 
+browsed the Provo farmers market 
+used our charcoal grill for the first time and whipped out some pretty delicious turkey burgers and gourmet hot dogs for our cute niece and nephew
+spent the evenings playing with our most favorite pup Kieda

Our perfect weekend would not be complete with out our score on living room seating from our favorite home furnishing store, The Deseret Industries. For $80 total and after a little love, and attention from an upholstery cleaner, our couch and arm chair are good. as. new!

I have decided Preston and I are totally on a 'honeymoon' phase with our house, meaning, we are both completely content spending our weekends whittling away at the long, but exciting list of projects we have whipped up in our heads. I loooove it! 
My favorite part about our list at this point is that we are mostly past the 'must be dones' and now have moved on to the projects that will 'Smithify' our space, making it more and more our home. 

Up this week: Preston will be finishing up modifications on my garden boxes tomorrow! That means our heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, squash, zucchini, lemon cucumbers, basil, chocolate mint and rosemary will finally have a home! Pictures to come (:

Hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable weekend! 

Ps - we have always loved going to famers markets on the weekends. Our most frequented are the Salt Lake and Provo markets, the first is huge, offering a large variety - with supreme people watching opportunities and the latter has a more quaint, small town, personal feel, I love them both!
But, I'd love for us to branch out. Are there any other city markets we are missing out on? Has anyone been to the Thanksgiving farmers market? Or the Park City market? 
Let me know (:


  1. Pure joy. Thank you for your diatribes on new journeys. I just checked out park silly for the first. I know it's no invite....I see you're glowing from the ether...I'm getting married July 5th...I'd love to send you an invite:), many blessings and high vibrations

    1. Elise! Marriage! That is soooo wonderful. I will message you my address via Facebook (: