a pup named keda/keeda/keyda/kieda

once upon a time, on a wednesday night not so long ago (...last week) i was setting out dinner when preston burst out of his study (the bathroom), 'amanda, look at these!!' he shows me a listing in the classifieds for the most adorable border-aussie puppies. this made me laugh, the topic of puppies had been a popular topic in our home lately, but i knew this sudden ksl classifieds search had been triggered when we saw a couple enjoying a particularly nice night with their dog in the field next door.
these conversations usually go around the 'when we have our own place with a yard' route, after all we wouldn't want to get a dog just to leave it at home in a kennel all day. but this particular night that kind of talk was replaced with 'well really.. i could take it to work this day, this day and this day, which means you could be with it this day and this day'…
next thing i know, we are leaving salt lake city bound toward the nearest market to buy food for the fuzziest new addition to our family (aka, the border-aussie from the classifieds), who was calmly snuggling in my lap. 

i am really pleased about how this all came to be, though the timing may not seem too ideal, surprisingly more so to others than to us ('a dog and a baby all in one year?'). luckily, the stars aligned, between both our schedules pup is always able to be out and active, and in regards to our renting situation, our landlords (my grandparents) were completely supportive of this addition. 
i feel like we are already experiencing that 'what did we do before we had her' type feeling that new parents (of children, we don't consider ourselves doggie parents - don't worry) tell us about! speaking of being parents, i think in some small, silly ways she is giving us a glimpse at parenthood - i mean, baby girl cried all through the first night!

i have never seen a pup who is so sweet, lovable, feisty, hilariously spastic or so unafraid (she spends all day around table saws and nail guns when she goes to work with presto),  we lucked right out on her!

there is just one issue i have with this whole puppy business, and that is that i haven't decided how we are officially going to spell her name - hence the multiple spellings separated by slashes in the post title. 
i know its not that big of a deal, and presto has left spelling matter completely up to me but i just can't decide! her name is pronounced key-dah, and the spelling was originally 'keda', but i think that makes it easy to mispronounce 'well, it's not like her teacher is going to read her name wrong on the first day of school' yeah, yeah, ok i know!! so, if you have an opinion on the spelling of her name, please feel free to comment below! if you think i am ridiculous, i guess you could comment on that as well.. (:

ps. her name came after rambling off hundreds  from salt lake to orem, keda being the one that stuck was inspired by the lead singer of RHCP, anthony kiedas! 
(so i should have just avoided all this nonsense and spelled it kieda in the beginning, right??)

she has a thing for falling asleep near, or right on prestos feet 

isn't she the cutest?!


  1. I automatically thought of Kida from Atlantis... which I did look up how to spell haha because I had no idea. But really I think you are probably over stressing it haha! I am so jealous, Michael and I have zero time for animals but want a dog sooo bad!! She is so cute

    1. and you are absolutely right, i am totally over stressing about it, which means i must not have anything better to be stressing about, so thats a good way to look at it right?
      you'll get a dog someday i am sure! if preston had any other job i don't think we could have her right now but where he is working in a shop or outside everyday, she has free range and doesn't have to be kept up!

      thanks for the comment and for adding another spelling candidate to my list (;

  2. haha ohhh my i'm dying over that photo of her with the german shepherd... and i really like it spelled kieda!

  3. K I E D A ! KIEDA <3 (the (2nd) love of my life.)

  4. STOP!! I am obsessed!! that is seriously the cutest little thing in existence!

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  6. such a cute puppy!!! (pssst! the last comment was by me. I didn't realized I was signed into my hubby's account hehe)