a pup named keda/keeda/keyda/kieda

once upon a time, on a wednesday night not so long ago (...last week) i was setting out dinner when preston burst out of his study (the bathroom), 'amanda, look at these!!' he shows me a listing in the classifieds for the most adorable border-aussie puppies. this made me laugh, the topic of puppies had been a popular topic in our home lately, but i knew this sudden ksl classifieds search had been triggered when we saw a couple enjoying a particularly nice night with their dog in the field next door.
these conversations usually go around the 'when we have our own place with a yard' route, after all we wouldn't want to get a dog just to leave it at home in a kennel all day. but this particular night that kind of talk was replaced with 'well really.. i could take it to work this day, this day and this day, which means you could be with it this day and this day'…
next thing i know, we are leaving salt lake city bound toward the nearest market to buy food for the fuzziest new addition to our family (aka, the border-aussie from the classifieds), who was calmly snuggling in my lap. 

i am really pleased about how this all came to be, though the timing may not seem too ideal, surprisingly more so to others than to us ('a dog and a baby all in one year?'). luckily, the stars aligned, between both our schedules pup is always able to be out and active, and in regards to our renting situation, our landlords (my grandparents) were completely supportive of this addition. 
i feel like we are already experiencing that 'what did we do before we had her' type feeling that new parents (of children, we don't consider ourselves doggie parents - don't worry) tell us about! speaking of being parents, i think in some small, silly ways she is giving us a glimpse at parenthood - i mean, baby girl cried all through the first night!

i have never seen a pup who is so sweet, lovable, feisty, hilariously spastic or so unafraid (she spends all day around table saws and nail guns when she goes to work with presto),  we lucked right out on her!

there is just one issue i have with this whole puppy business, and that is that i haven't decided how we are officially going to spell her name - hence the multiple spellings separated by slashes in the post title. 
i know its not that big of a deal, and presto has left spelling matter completely up to me but i just can't decide! her name is pronounced key-dah, and the spelling was originally 'keda', but i think that makes it easy to mispronounce 'well, it's not like her teacher is going to read her name wrong on the first day of school' yeah, yeah, ok i know!! so, if you have an opinion on the spelling of her name, please feel free to comment below! if you think i am ridiculous, i guess you could comment on that as well.. (:

ps. her name came after rambling off hundreds  from salt lake to orem, keda being the one that stuck was inspired by the lead singer of RHCP, anthony kiedas! 
(so i should have just avoided all this nonsense and spelled it kieda in the beginning, right??)

she has a thing for falling asleep near, or right on prestos feet 

isn't she the cutest?!


There's something cookin' over here..

hello 2014, my, my, my how you have been trucking right along! So much has happened around here, I am not even sure where to start!

Well, for beginners….

…The Smiths are expecting a tiny human at the end of August 2014!!
After keeping it hush-hush (just for kicks, it was the coolest secret Preston and I have ever kept!) for a month and a half (we did tell family much sooner, my mom exploded into happy tears - as was completely expected) we officially made a fun little announcement just a couple weeks ago!

"guys, WE DID IT (and now we're pregnant)!"
^ our social media announcement - clever, right? ^
Though I had a feeling sooner, I officially found out we were pregnant December 24 - Christmas eve! I could have found out a week or so before, but to be perfectly honest, every time I went to buy a test I was so bugged with how expensive they were I would leave the store with out one and get a candy bar instead! It wasn't until Christmas eve that I finally buckled down and decided I was going to find out, most definitely, if we were pregnant or not by Christmas morning.
Well once I had the test in hand, there was no waiting so I did my thing, but then of course, comes the waiting . Waiting for that result (since i still couldn't bring myself to buy the digital, results in seconds test) is the most nerve-wracking thing in the world! But alas, after the recommended 5 minutes past, I had my result: + !!!
I might be a little selfish but I took the evening to relish that positive sign all to myself. It took just about all my will power to not blurt out the news to everyone at our family party that night, especially when the conversation turned to my cute sister in-law who was pregnant at the time!
I waited until Christmas morning to tell Preston, and boy was he was ecstatic! He claimed he had known, or at least been wondering/hoping that I was (probably due to the fact that I had been whining about an upset stomach for days)!
10 weeks and 12 weeks

Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about being pregnant and knowing Preston and I get a little, tiny, possibly fuzzy (i mean, have you seen the dad??) baby this year!
Speaking of Preston, this guy is going to be the very greatest father you guys. He melts my heart everyday with his 'did-you-know-this' about our baby facts, his comforting, positive attitude on my not so positive days, and man seeing him with other kids now - that really takes the cake!
Preston and his adorable niece Maci at Hogle Zoo, looook at him (insert heart-eyed emoji here)!!!
(directed to my pregnant self)

Q: How are you/have you been feeling?
A: Great! Awesome! Grawsome (that isn't a thing)!
 Yes my body feels funky sometimes but I mean, a child is developing inside of me so that's bound to cause some discomfort and sickness, right? 

Q: Have you had any and or weird cravings?
A: I wouldn't say my cravings qualify as weird, like a chalk or dirt craving might be, however my cravings and new appetite is weird to me! For example, four months ago, a generous amount of veggies in my diet was not even something I had to think about. Now… is a completely different story!

Some cravings as of late have been:
Pizza - Gourmet to Little Caesars, I'm not picky.
Gummy candies - specifically Trolli brand, even more specifically the worms and octopuses.  
Milanos - Milk chocolate Milanos, all day (luckily those delicious things cost much to much to purchase in the amounts I dream of). 
Asparagus - (surprise, one vegetable!) which are in season, yippee!
Drive-thru vanilla cones - basically any fast food place that has a plain vanilla cone on their menu 
CHINESE FOOD - and I am not talking Panda Express! I'm talking legitimate, off the un-translated menu of a restaurant in China - or an order via pointing out desired ingredients to a street vendor.
This craving has just about been the death of me. 

Q: Boy or Girl?!
A: We are not finding out?! 
Well, until baby gets here of course (:

Q: How will you know what to buy!?
A: I foresee clothing stores for babies still in business after our child is born, until then neutrals and ducky onesies it is! (ps. I've had a hard time finding gender-neutral clothes at the stores, but that is not the same story online - there are sooo many adorable clothes for all!! *thanks Pinterest*)

Q: Do you like your Doctor?
A: I love my Midwife!
More details on that ^ to come (:

Q: How big is your baby today?
(my 11 year old brothers favorite question)
A: Well the little app on my iphone says;
"Your baby weighs 5 ounces (about as much as a turnip) 
and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom."

17 weeks, and something to show for it!
So there's a little update for now (:
And yes, we are currently taking votes on the sex - so far we're getting a lot of confident votes towards boy!

Hope everyone out there is having the best of days, and (if you are in Utah, I have no idea what is happening elsewhere) are ENJOYING this BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!!!