best of 2013

"It's been a minute".
The blog has been abandoned these last couple months and sometimes that is just oh-kay. Life happens, getting out from in front of a computer screen happens as well, and that is just so good for you.
Thinking of last year and all the awesomeness it held, I want to do better at documenting the year + years to come! Sometimes it will be here, and sometimes it will just be in my personal journal - remember those books full of blank paper with covers reading 'diary' or 'journal' or 'keep out - no boyz allowed'  (ps. I finished my first journal since, ever, last month - greatest feeling)! 

My 2013 is best summed up in pictures because it was quite the picturesque year. 
Before scrolling down and looking at miles of photos, just know that there are some important values that I learned this year, being:
a) the value of teamwork - especially with your spouse
b) live in the present
c) always be thankful for you what you have 
d) and as always "things always turn out better than you think they will" - Preston J. Smith

anyway! enjoy...

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>>>witnessing mother natures many wonders 
The captivating countryside of Yangshuo

Incredible Zhangjiajie
(the real inspiration for the floating mountains in the movie Avatar)
rivers of yangshuo

view of tawau, malaysia
nature reserves in Tawau, Malaysia

Camping up Provo Canyon

Deception pass, WA
Rock Canyon, Provo
Squaw peak summit, Provo
Bridal Veil falls, Provo canyon
snomoboarding, brighton resort

>>>taking in incredible manmade creations 

wall at the forbidden city, beijing
the great wall

pda at the summer palace, beijing

forbidden city, beijing

dragons backbone, guilin

hazy skyscrapers of guangzhou 

avenue of the stars, hong kong
>>> the wonderful people we met abroad 
My coordinators, better yet, my sweet, beautiful friends!
Rainy, Vicky, Marine and Gloria
our very favorite neighbor, little alyssa
Prestons class of adoring students

our sweet b&b owner who took us in as her own
four of the eleven sini children we met in tawau malaysia, they were getting ready to sing us primary songs in malay 
some sweet young women from preston's grandparents branch in tawau
the families we met while visiting prestons grandparents in malaysia
visiting the sini family in the jungle with grandma and grandpa
visiting with elly and rene, malaysia
>>>that day we met an elephant named luna,

phuket, thailand
 then made a sand sculpture in her honor

>>>remembering 2013 as the year of 9 flights, in 10 days

Macau → KL, Malaysia
KL → Tawau, East Malaysia, Borneo
Tawau → KL
KL → Phuket, Thailand
Phuket → KL
KL → Hong Kong
Hong Kong → Seoul, Korea
Seoul → Seattle
Seattle → SLC
^let me explain ^
we wanted to do things cheap?
killing time during one of our 12+ hour layovers in kuala lumpar, malaysia 

please, do not disturb
but really.. 
>>>'killing' another year at the circus 
circus props become a little bit like.. family?

makeup demos and appearances on local stations with the circus crew
late nights filming circus footage with friends
more fun makeup demos 
it's ok sis, the circus gets to us all
best buds: working hard, or hardly working?
tv time with my main squeeze, he makes a great slug man
>>>and mainly spending 98% of my time with this cool guy

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