Hot + Sweaty

On the first Monday in December, my dear friend Alyssa and I decided to beat the cold and try our hand (and flexibility, and strength) at Bikram Yoga. If you have never heard of Bikram, it is sometimes refer to as 'hot yoga' or 'sweat your ____ off yoga".

The class is held in the 'hot room' (typically 105 degrees) and the series consist of 26 poses, most of which you do twice in the 90 minutes of class time. If you have not done yoga before, 'yoga breathing' might weird you out at first. I mean, the first breathing exercise sounds like a choir of dementors..

I have done yoga here and there over the years, I really enjoy when I do it, but have never been very persistent. Going into Bikram I wasn't sure what to think, part of me expected it all to come fairly easy, and the other part was actually very nervous. Well, when Monday morning came around Alyssa and I went into the studio early to register and pay. We found ourselves in a beautiful studio, light and minimalist, accompanied by friendly staff, complimentary water and ice (the best kind of ice) and a lovely bathroom/locker room with complimentary showers equipped with body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
As we got set up in the hot room, our instructor was good to remind us to take it easy and to watch the other students around us before trying some of the more difficult postures ourselves. "Its ok to sit out of some postures, I was on my knees for half of my first Bikram class" our instructor told us. I thought, sure, she is just saying that to be nice. Well. This girl was indeed on her knees 60% of that first class.
I was experiencing the fuzzy, white, twinkly vision that accompanies becoming dizzy and overwhelmed by heat all at once. Rest assured, this only happened the first time, and I attribute it to not having drank enough water before class. Now I am completely fine as long as I drink no less than 32 oz of agua before class.
after only a couple classes alyssa has almost mastered the standing stick pose - dumb dancers :P

As of now, Alyssa and I have been 14 days in a row, so naturally we decided we'd better go for the 30 challenge. Students who attend class for 30 days straight get excelled flexibility, strength and a FREE t-shirt, and who doesn't love a free t-shirt (especially one that declares your exhausting 30-day dedication)?!

And guess what guys. Preston is shooting for the 30 day challenge too! He on his fourth day and loving it!

If you are in the Utah county area and interested in trying it out click here.
I would suggest getting their intro pass, a whopping $21 for 21 classes (which is sssssssssignificantly cheaper than the monthly passes, and it's a great way to try it out without too much commitment).
If you try it and love it, Brick Canvas is doing a special Yoga Buddy promotion right now, you can check that out here (it's a pretty good deal)!
If you are in the Salt Lake county area, good news, they have a sister studio located in Sugarhouse!


  1. i just recently got a pass to that same gym & have been absolutely loving the way the class makes me feel. i can't believe you're doing the 30 day challenge!

    1. isn't it the nicest studio? sometimes I want to die during class but never regret coming after.
      You should try the challenge! the shirt looks pretttttty comfy (: