Burly Fellow

Anyone who knows Preston knows at least two things:
1. He is extremely creative
2. He is a Burly Fellow

The sweet combination of these two common Presto-facts has resulted in a very cool business opportunity. Now, with his own Etsy shop, appropriately titled 'Burly Fellow', showcased are the classy, organizational school-tool of the 21st century for the masterfully stylish…… (drum roll please) …… the Briefcase Backpack!
 Another thing many a good friend may know about Preston is that he loves his thrift shops - DI & Savers are like toy stores to him. In high school he came upon a pretty cool looking briefcase and while reasoning with himself whether or not it would make sense to purchase, the idea of using the 1990s-businessman's best friend at school came to mind. Not in the way it was designed though, in a new, innovative, hands free way.
Boy made his first prototype as a senior in high school and has rocked that thing all the way to the present day. He has constructed a handful for good friends and even had a booth at the Craft Lake City fair in Salt Lake one summer. Many a people were impressed and intrigued with the reinvented briefcase and his booth was a great success!
Since then the backpack making got put in the corner, gathered dust, and was almost forgotten, not to be awaken until the half dozen unfinished packs were evicted from their current place of storage (parents..).
Now they are back and revamped with cleaner, more sturdy design and are the perfect gift for the person on your list that likes the unique+vintage+cool.

Check out his shop here
If you are interested and are a Utah/SLC native, give me a shout out and shipping costs can be waived with the good old fashion shady craigslist-eqsue meet up!

Happy Christmas - 8 days and counting !!!

xoxo Amanda

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