Mountain Country

It happened. Preston and I have season passes, for the first time.. since high school!
Guys, God is good, and so is snow.

Yesterday was our first day back on the mountain. Snowboarding is always like riding a bike for me, except I hardly get nervous to jump back onto a bike than I do to strap my feet back into my bindings, but the nerves are always followed by sheer content as I realize I haven't forgot how to carve and won't have to plow down the whole run (:
For Christmas last year I got Preston and I a couple day passes for Brighton, so last year was the first time I had ever experienced all that Brighton has to offer, in the daylight (we frequented their night riding in high school, it's the best in around). I discovered as Preston already knew, that the 'back country riding' (which to me is any riding we do that is not on a groomed path) was magical! This kind of riding is the most exhausting but most rewarding to me and the day we tried it out at Brighton the trees looked 1000 feet tall and glittery snow was sailing down with every small wave of wind. Amazing.
Now, the snow is still fresh right now and back country was a little less magical and a little more iffy due to the yet-to-be-covered trees and rocks, but give mother nature a week or two more and my only worries will be dodging full-on trees and not so much the underlying jagged rocks and branches of death.


Goodness gracious, I had the greatest realization of what having a season pass really means.. for Preston, it means unlimited riding any day of the week, whenever we can! But for me, for me it means that I-don't-have-to-worry-about-getting-my-moneys-worth-from-one-expensive-day-pass, so if my legs become jello and are on the verge of giving in, I can sport a clear conscience at the end of the day about my decision to sit in the lodge to read or in the car to catch a cat-nap while Presto finishes up the last few runs. jooooooy.

You're absolutely welcome!
Thank you Nic and Shayla for inspiring us to get passes this year (:

PS. Other grand happenings this week:
Monday, after a delicious weekly homemade meal by our landlords (my grandparents) our friend Kyle invited us to go climbing at The Quarry (they have a good deal for families on Monday nights) which I had not done in so long!! We mostly boldered since that is our favorite thing to do at the climbing gym and it was good.. but slightly frustrating for me!! I am always frustrated when I am out of practice and not accomplishing what I did before. Good thing Preston is always with out fail Mr. Positive and pretty much told me to relax and have a good time regardless of what I could/could not do.. umph.. (:
Tuesday we got to have two wonderful friends, Elliot and Tizzy over for a delicious healthy dinner. I feel that I am going to become a master of disguising vegetables thanks to our sweet friend, miss picky-pants (:(:(: (I am getting good practice cooking for the picky kids Preston and I refuse to have :P). Afterward we went bowling and just had the greatest time. 
Wednesday was Wonderful! Wonderful Wednesday! Now, I am making an couple little mental notes with this little week update: a) I probably need to post more regularly to avoid crunching all this information into one post b) documentation, documentation, documentation! I have no photos from these past great nights, and I am a photo loving fool! Ughh!
Anyway, I'll work on that. Back to Wonderful Wednesday! 
Both my parents have birthdays coming up, mother on the 24th of November and father on the 2nd of December. Preston and I very successfully surprised them with an early-birthday-date-night venture to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the ESA! Guys, this was the best because I don't know about anyone else out there but dads, DADS are the hardest to surprise/gift! At least, thats how I feel about my sweet dad. But man, he was so surprised and excited, it was the best reaction I have ever witnessed, and that was just the beginning of a completely perfect night.
Ok, I do have at least one picture to show for! TSO was amazing. The Tillotsons and Smiths are huge, Christmas music fans (Dad has a Christmas playlist housing something like 500 songs) and this is Christmas music on straight rock-steriods! It's rock and roll meets a heart felt Christmas message (I did tear up at one or two points in the show, but I am an emotional bomb with the likes of The Lion King, so…), I think it's safe to say Trans Siberian Orchestra has become a Pre-Christmas tradition! 
Wrapping things up..
From Brighton resort we headed into Salt Lake, did a spiffy clean up/clothing change in the City Creek Harmons bathroom (has anyone been to that Harmons? It is, dare I say it, the most beautiful grocery store I have ever seen!) and headed out west to Grantsville, Utah. No sir, I definitely had never heard of Grantsville let alone known there was anything that side of the Great Salt Lake. What took us out there was a yummy dinner and an awesome visit with a wonderful couple, Kamilla and Richard and their sweet baby boy Dakota. These guys are the coolest and are pretty much living examples of the kind of parents and people Preston and I want to be! Also, we are now fans of Grantsville/the whole small town feel. 
Also, also, we are now itching for a puppy, a baby, and a house (geeshe, thanks guys)! 


The Greatest 365 days +

anniversary |ˌanəˈvərsərē| noun
a date that is remembered or celebrated because a special or notable event occurred on that date in a previous year.

What better way to get back into the spirit of blogging than to gush about year 1 of marriage?

          This first year has brought us so much adventure and just the right amount of challenges (the good kind, that help you learn and grow - all challenges are good ones in our book). From a tropical honeymoon and road trips to Washington, to traveling Asia - we have been so outrageously blessed to have had the experiences we have this young into our marriage. I know I will always cherish memories from living with Preston in a foreign country for four months. I know I will always adore the exploration dates we would go on and laugh about the crazy circumstances we would find ourselves in. I will never forget the sights we saw, the people we met and grew close to, or the experiences had all within the first few months of marriage.

    I think I have always taken for granted the fact that I get to work side by side in the family business with Preston. It's a funny thing telling people that you and your husband manage a haunted house, but I find comfort in knowing that it is the most exciting and interesting job you could ask for! It has been a complete blessing working as a team because lets face it, he handles stress and chaos significantly better than I do (this is usually where the 'things always turn out better than you think they will' speech comes in). He is always, ALWAYS, so upbeat about work - and never, ever complains about the long hours or the strenuous manual labor, he totally keeps me in check and reminds me constantly how good we have it! What a guy he is! I know we have both learned so very much working together.

          Along with celebrating year one of marriage, we got to celebrate our fifth year of dating a couple days ago earlier (November 12th). 

    I met Preston when I was a senior in high school and he, a junior (call me a coug). I was so completely intrigued by Preston, he was so unlike any guy I had ever dated! He was so sweet and terribly funny and treated me like gold. I instantly fell in love with is outlook on life, he has always (always) had a resounding air of positivity about him. This was first illustrated to me by his life motto, 'things always turn out better than you think they will' (guess what, this is tried and true - and they do)!

     Another thing easy to fall in love with was Preston's love for his family. Pretty quickly after we started dating, Preston started inviting me to his big once-a-month family home evening with his moms side. I felt right at home with his huge family (both my dad and his mom have eleven siblings - whoa) and adored watching him play with all his little cousins. It became apparent very early on how important family was to him, and even at 17 I couldn't help but think of what a cute father he would be one day. 
    *Side note - my family fell completely in love with Preston. We broke up once (for a very brief amount of time) and I couldn't tell who was most upset - me, or my mother! I am pretty sure that the night I announced we were engaged was the night that my siblings decided I wasn't so bad after all - seeing as they got to have Preston as a part of the family. My dad even loves Preston! This was really first illustrated after Preston came home alive, a few days after the engagement, from a motorcycling trip with Dad and the boys (:

    We always had (and still have) so much fun together. From sluffing school for snowboarding (sorry mom and Maurnie) to exploring our favorite antique shops on the regular. For awhile there, we spent every single moment together. After we recovered from our ooey-gooey, year-long, honeymoon-dating stage, our friends finally agreed to be around us again. Preston led us all on some very exciting photographic ventures leaving us with some lovely memories. We've been lucky with the friendships we have had throughout our relationship.

    Preston and I started talking about marriage early in our relationship. I know it is a miracle that we made it to where we are and that we definitely would not be here with out the challenges and obstacles we faced. I know for darn sure our relationship would not be anywhere near where it is now without having gone through those things. Isn't life funny in that way?
    When I look at Preston, I see a husband who is with out question, my very best friend. I see someone who knows me as well (or better) than I know myself. I see my biggest fan, and greatest advocate. Sometimes I think his mission in life is to get me to love myself as much as he loves me. I am forever thankful to his wonderful parents for instilling the attributes they did in him. You guys brought up such an amazing man. I have never known a sweeter,  more brilliant, or handsome human as Preston James Smith.

    A lot of people like to say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I like to think that marriage/dating/relationships in general - is what you make of it. What we have been able to make has been beautiful. It's been a year full of laughter, love, adventure, challenges and lessons put into good use. The memories we have made will be forever and ever cherished. 

    I love you with all I've got Preston!  Happy Anniversary, here's to seven-million more!