More photos from our last trip

The sleeper bus by day
trekking to our hostel
Enjoying a short break between on hike and another
a not-too-shabby view
Our humble vacation home
This place is alright 
Taking it in
taking a rest
Zig-zagging down the path of the terrace town
Our first encounter with the Sleepy Teepee - a note from Zilin
Get it?
Our b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l room
A delicious dumpling dinner with Zilin, before she became our 'foster mother' 
I just wanted a little bit of privacy, but the darn doors were stuck, and glass
Riverside picnic for two
Right after Prestons lovely dive into the mud
the adventurers 
Mr. Smith fried the tops of his poor hands from all of our biking riding
Lucky the dog!
Casually enjoying the scenery 
Handsome hubs awaiting his meal
Sweet self portrait of Prest on his run our last morning 
Proof that we have Chinese names!
There is only one way to eat a Yangshuo donut!


  1. There are no words. This was beautiful! And you two are way too adorable. What kind of camera do you use?

    1. You, are sweet. AND I must say, i do so enjoy your ramblings! When I found your blog I started reading and didn't stop, for well, awhile.. ha
      Some are from Prestos Iphone and some are from my Nikon D3000 - they are all edited with the VSCOcam app though. It is the greatest and it's free for Iphone.

  2. okay every single photo from this trip is SO cute! you guys look like you had an aaaamazing time!!

    1. it was a drrreeaaam!
      we need to get together with you guys. I need a lady riding friend at brighton (: