A date full of Rice

This past week for the first portion of our vacation Amanda and I were fortunate enough to visit the Dragon's Backbone rice terraces or, the 8th Wonder of the World as we like to call it! We arrived at the bottom of the terraces in the afternoon of a rainy monday. The 40 minute hike to our hostel was such an eye opener. We were walking up stone stairs through villages passing farmers and chickens the whole way up. The terraces are such a unique experience because they are an agricultural necessity and are still being used.

I felt pretty medieval staying at the dragons den.
Our Hostel was called the dragon's den and it was impressively crafted out of matchboxes and toothpicks. But, in all seriousness it was such an impressive structure in the little village up on the mountain. It was so fun to stay in the hostel and to be able to look out the window and see such a beautiful site.

After setting our bags down Amanda and I went on a hike to a lookout called 7 Layers of Heaven. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The hikes were relaxing and it was so fun to see farmers out working on random levels of the terraces.
7 Layers of Heaven in our good old Chaco's
a farmer and his cart (I took this while jogging down the trail which makes it extra impressive)

The next morning Amanda and I woke up early and hiked up to a lookout called Music from Paradise. It was one of the greatest experiences I have had thus far in China. We waited out on the middle of a terrace for about 30 minutes before the sun poked through and shed light on this incredible manmade creation. It was out of this world cool.
Right as the sun came out
After soaking in the beauty we grabbed our bags and ran down the mountainous trail to the parking area to catch the earliest city bus back into Guilin (which was longer ride, but much cheaper than the direct bus we arrived on). We jogged around the bend and into the parking lot, just as the bus was pulling out! Luckily for us (the buses only came once every hour), another driver saw us and honked his horn so the bus would stop. Upon boarding the bus we realized how "local" the bus really was. It was full of farmers and ladies with hair down to their feet (it's apparently custom for the ladies to have very long hair in this region).
It was cool to ride the bus even though we weren't exactly sure if it was the right one. After about an hour the bus stopped in the middle of the road and a little lady ushered us off and pointed to a bus stopped in the street facing the opposite direction and said "Guilin" so we hopped on and sure enough, to Guilin it delivered us. 
My sweet wife/adventurist
such an amazing place

This was such a cool China experience. I recommend to anyone with Netflix to watch the first episode of Wild China because they cover this area and it is pretty interesting. I also recommend that you plan a trip to china and visit the rice terraces but I will understand if you only do the Netflix thing. Until next time, we love you all and hope you are happy!

PandA Smith

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  1. This is so cool I've loved all the pictures!