The Visitor

Last Tuesday I had the emotional task of sending my mother off to the airport after what seemed to be a whirlwind stay. She arrived a week previous to spend some time with Preston and I and get a dose of what life is like for us here in China!
Can I just tell you, my mom is the best? She brought with here very little of her own material things, and lots of goodies for us! Dried mangoes, apricots, almonds, fudge-dipped sunbelt granola bars, chocolate chips, multi-vitamins, protein powder, teaching supplies - oh and not to mention HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES for everyone to share!! I know, I know, what you are all thinking, we would have taken her with out all the goods... we just would make her sleep outside. 
Just teasin' (:

> > > RAIN < < < 
Every day my mom came to school breakfast with us, spent time watching cute Mr. Smith teach his classes, helped me out with my head teaching duties and finished up the school day getting some school lunch with us. However, after teaching was through, we would take her out for some 'cultural experiences'. 
One day we took her to the Luna Market (which is a huge outdoor market that happens during certain days of the month according to the lunar calendar) for some shopping fun! 
We were there only about 45 minutes before the craziest rain storm I have experienced in Zhongshan! 
Literally up to our ankles in rain water!
After practically swimming away from the Luna Market we got back to the school in time to get all dried up and looking nice for 'parents night' where the teachers teach their kids in front of the parents - no pressure, right?! No worries, everyone did a great job!

Ps. I win wife of the year for carrying my cute husband across the river that formed between our apartment and the school!
You can't see it very well, but there is a river on the other side of the street about 6 inches deep! I saved his sweet Tevas (not really, they were already soaked from earlier. I just really wanted to carry him)
Heading out for a walk around the lovely Kaiyin
Mom posing with a nice Asian father and son
> > >The weekend snuck up on us pretty quick and on Saturday afternoon Preston, my mom and myself were on a bus headed to a nearby city called Shenzhen where our  LDS branch conference was being held on Sunday. Upon hearing such good things about the city, we decided to make a mini-trip out of it and stay for the weekend!
On our way to Shenzen for the weekend. She is such a pretty mom. 
> > >Shenzen is what some refer to as the 'new capital' of Guangdong province. It is one of the wealthiest cities in China and it's located right on the coast, so the views of Hong Kong across the water and the lush tropical scenery make it quite a lovely place.
That night, Mom treated us to a freaking-delicious-fiesta party! We let her chose our dinner spot that night and she found us quite the legit Mexican Restaurant that served the best nachos I have ever tasted on this side of the prime meridian! Everything was covered in real cheese, guac, beans and salsa.. This may not seem like a big deal to anyone at home, but for food lovers in a country where these things are so limited, we felt like we were in mexi-heaven!
Mom and I - too excited about our nachos! Preston - thanking the Mexicans for inventing burritos 
Needless to say, that meal left our hearts and tummies full! Thanks momma!

> > >Sunday was a lovely, lovely day. 
The hotel we were staying in was only a ten minute walk from where our branch conference was being held, so we were able to sleep in and take our time before the ten o'clock meeting (I didn't envy the rest of the teachers who had to leave on a bus at 7am that morning to make it in time). 
It was great having my mom here for this particular sunday because we had the opportunity to take her to the conference annnnnd because we got to have a mom in China for Mothers Day!
Make shift mothers day breakfast courtesy of Prestons morning jog to a local Dunkin' Donuts (in China? I hardly see these in America!)
Walking to conference
> > >The conference as wonderful. Not one Sunday goes by that I don't get this overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. Seriously. There is something so cool about learning the gospel with others in a country so unlike your own. It is so comforting. It makes me feel right at home every time! 
Following the conference all 'us' ILP teachers along with the YSA member of our small branch met together at the Shenzen meeting house for lunch (HOT DIGGITY-DOGS) and a fireside. The fireside was given by sweet Elder Chan, and Sister and Elder Gong - who is a member of the 70! It was truly inspired, I love nothing more than feeling the spirit in a room full of wonderful friends, old and new. I loved every minute of it! I am thrilled my mom got to experience it with us. 

Unfortunately, after all the great feelings we had at church, events turned for the worse after the fireside as we witnessed a brutal back-alley-way murder:
(Secretly, I am ok with this outcome)
> > >I am sad to say that I don't have any pictures for the next portion of this tale, which is a shame because it was very picture worthy. 
When the fireside was through, the teachers, along with my husband-dear boarded the bus back to Kaiyin. 
I decided to stay in Shenzen one more day with my mom, since our visit there had been so brief. 
After saying goodbye to everyone I took my mom to get her mothers day present, which was a fantastic foot/body/head massage sent from above! 80 minutes of pure heaven I tell you!

After this amazing experience, my mom and I jumped onto the metro headed clear across town to find a cheap hotel we found on hostel world.com for our nights stay. I will make this part brief but just know, we got lost, at night, in a part of the city less friendly to foreigners, with a dying cell phone and no sign of wifi anywhere. When we showed people the address of the hotel in Chinese, they just looked boggled and signed to us 'you are nowhere near that address'! Of course everything turned out and we were fine, but it was quite the little adventure in its self. 
We used the last of our cell phone juice to call Preston and have him confirm we were in the right area (near the Commerical City shopping center - our target for the next day), we were, and were able to find a hotel that was decently priced with clean rooms and wifi (all we needed, really) after that.  

After some dinner and much needed sleep we got up early Monday morning and made our way to the Commercial City shopping center - rumored to be as good if not better than the silk and pearl markets in Beijing. That shopping center was ENORMOUS. Five floors of everything you could think of. I was nervous about using my bartering skills without my coach (Preston) there, but I did good and got mom lots a sweet deals. 

Later that day, and back in Kaiyin, we got Preston and went out for our last dinner-meal with momma, pizza and a delicious green salad (hard to find here)! Then spent the rest of the night packing her new China-finds up in preparation for her flight home the next day. 
Mom getting a little tipsy on her coke cola
My mom is a sweet heart and agreed to take both my and Prestons giant bags home with her, so that we would only have to deal with our carry on luggage when we got to Mayalsia and Thailand at the end of the trip. She was a little self-conscience about being that 'American' with the huge bags and the backpack.. what a trooper!
Leaving the apartment, it felt too soon!
Heading to the cafeteria for one more famous Kaiyin breakfast!
& she was just starting to really love the chopsticks!
Saying our goodbyes 
Preston had to teach that morning so mom and him hugged their goodbyes and then we waited for the bus to the airport shuttle nearby.

It was hard saying goodbye. The week just flew by so quick! I don't think I expected being as emotional as I was, but it felt sooo incredibly foreign to be saying goodbye to someone I love while I was the one abroad! 
No worries though, because in just over a month Preston and I will be back in the Beehive state with both of our awesome families, we can't wait!

Love you mom, thank you for coming to the other side of the world to spend the week with us!

xoxoxox - Amanda 


  1. Aww that is so fun your mom came to visit! Looks like you guys are just having a blast!! We will have to play when you come back in a month, time sure has flown! Our baby is due in just over 2 weeks, crazy huh! You will be able to meet the little one when you're back! :)

    1. Flown is an understatement, I cannot believe three months have passed by so quickly!
      I also cannot believe you are due in two weeks! I am so excited for you and Richard to meet your little one. Speaking of, have you found out the sex, or are you going to be surprised?
      Ah, we can't wait to meet baby Tadje!

      Ps. I am so curious about your midwife experience! We will have a lot to catch up on I am sure!

  2. We haven't Found Out The Gender, We Are Waiting Until He/She Is Born :) And Yes I Would Love To Tell You About How Great It's Been To Have A Midwife, We Have Both Loved It! And I Can't Wait To Hear More China Stories! My Phone Likes WordsTo Start With Capital Letters For Some Reason?

  3. I was genuinely impressed with your persistent capitalization actually, haha. Well goodness, I am sure you guys are dying to meet that little human! Please keep us updated