Hi blog, it's only been a month!

Allow me to attempt a catch-up post about our last vacation to Beijing, ready..... go!

Beijing is a bustling, busy, metropolitan, historic city, so naturally we had plenty to do the week we were there! On Saturday the 27th after a breezy 22 hour train ride we arrived in Beijing in the late afternoon, found our hostel, got settled, then went out for some grub. Preston and I found an excellent little westernized place called The Bridge Café. We treated ourselves to a meal favorite that we have missed greatly... Paninis! We were not let down. They were so good, so warm, so cheesy and so delicious.

This one goes to Smell! We've got to let a friend know we are staying fed (:

>>The Forbidden City<<

Entering the 'Forbidden City'. They let anyone in these days!
"Now, give us a kiss"
The detail on some of the buildings was unreal
Mr. Cool 
we like to call this one, 'The Troll Queen, and Her Followers'
Preston touching a lucky gold bolt that only a couple other people in China have touched 
We found our Spirit Animals:
oh deer
oh Mushu
Wall flower with a flowery wall 
Handsome fella
Spring in the forbidden city

 >>The Great Wall<<
We took a bus two hours into the countryside to visit the wall. Fun fact: I fall asleep on every bus ride, ever

Presto and The Wall

The bus back from the Great Wall randomly dropped us off in front of the water cube and birds nest at the Olympic Park – so naturally we spent the evening there, taking pictures and enjoying more recent manmade structures of China.
The Birds Nest!
>>The Summer Palace<<

Paddle boating at the Summer Palace
Picnic on the water with Jenna dear
Family photos in the park 

>>The Buddhist Lama Temple<<
fun fact: the worlds biggest Buddha carved from one sandalwood tree lives here!

78 feet tall!

The Lama Temple

I think one of our favorite nights of the trip was the one we all went out for real Chinese food..

Care to take a closer look??


We hope everyone is happy and well,
xoxo - the smiths 

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