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Another busy week in China has come and gone
This thursday Jared, one of the directors from ILP, came to Kaiyin to pay us a visit all the way from the beehive state! This was exciting, and also a tad bit exhausting. Each sememster one of the three directors from ILP make their way out to all the schools in Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Thailand, Mexico and China to check up on the program, the teaching and of course the teachers. Everything went really well, he was pleased with each teacher and their teaching abilities.
The day was long and full of meetings; meetings with just Jared and I, meetings with the native coordinators, Jared and myself, meetings with the teachers, Jared and myself, individual interviews with the teachers, another meeting or two with just Jared and I... meetings, shmeetings!
Everyone really enjoyed his visit which was great because a lot of the teachers if not all were really nervous about him coming. Turned out better than everyone expected, and of course it didn't hurt that he came with a giant bag of mini reeses in tow (:
By Friday the weekend was so completely needed, some recoup time if you will. I was totally pooped. So my sweet boy invited me out on a date.

We left for the number three bus at 4:15 and arrived in a part of town we had yet to explore around 5:00. We had so much fun and bless Prestos heart, he followed me into a half a dozen clothing shops, all extremely promising (that I will need to go back to, without him - and with my girls) and let us buy two (three) desserts after dinner. I love him.
Chocolate shaved ice + smooth banana cream ice-cream
not pictured: our first dessert, a hong kong pancake (delicious.  its picture will end up here on the blog in no time)
I love my group, I truly do - but sometimes it is nice to be with my guy and wander our city streets making new discoveries together.

Some more pictures from the past week:

Muslim noodles for Chloe's big two-oh
Cute little Easter wake up call courtesy of Kasey and Jenna
Easter treats (:

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