Part one: the night bus

Amanda here:

It was not to long ago that we arrived back from our holiday to Zhangjiajie, and now we are on another but this time in Yangshuo! The lovely land of the oddly shaped mountains, or the 'dr. Seuss mountains'.
Our venture from our city Zhongshan proved its self far more exciting than any form of travel I have ever experienced.
After purchasing our bus tickets last Sunday, my curiosity was definitely peaked by the term 'sleeper bus', I had never heard of such a thing. I have been on sleeper trains before, but a bus? How can that be?
Well, let me tell you - it can be done! Forty + humans beans can in fact, fit snuggly in sleeper fashion on a huge automobile! Upon entering the bus we were directed to take off our shoes and place them in a red plastic baggy before stepping on the carpeted upper level. There were two aisles, three columns of beds, two layers. Preston and I were near the back of the bus, his bed above mine. The beds looked to be only 3 feet long, but oh no, there was a secret two feet or so of space hidden underneath a little shelf were your belongings sit. It was quite the space efficient arrangement, 'snug as a bug' you could say..

Chapter two

About three hours into our ride, many of us made the quick discovery that this sleeper on wheels was bathroom/WC/potty-less. That is a little stressful when you know you have 8 more hours to go. Luckily, our newly made friend - the bus assistant 'Johnny', a name the girls assigned him, informed us in a round-about, chinglish way that we would be making a pit stop in about ten minutes (which turned out to be about 25-30, but who's counting). Hallelujah.
We arrived at said bus stop with all the relief in the world filling our hearts until we realized the gem of a bathroom we were about to relieve ourselves in.
Troughs. Troughs with 3 foot high divider walls. Lets just say everyone got to know each other extra well.
Oddly enough, I have never wished I had a camera more in my life than when i was standing in line for the bathroom looking upon the faces of 6 of my fellow lady friends, doing their businesses.

Chapter three

Remember when I used the expression snug as a bug?

My sweets, Jenna and Lexi were in the prime spot on the bus, or so it seemed. They were in the very back corner, right next to each other, not divided by aisle space like the rest of us. They could talk, snuggle and seemed to have a little more leg room than the rest.
I was a little jealous, and feeling a little lonely since my husband was tucked into the bunk above so I crawled over to snuggle between them and share a little of what we like to call 'girl talk', when it happened.. The invasion! On the wall directly above their heads was a creepy little crawler, a roach. Jenna bolted, Lexi went on a bit of an obscenity frenzy and my maternal instincts kicked in and I went to town on that roach with Jenna's bagged shoes, gotta protect my girls! After that ones death, it was like a beacon was sent out for the rest of its clan to scurry into sight, so four or five more crawlers popped out and I proceeded to wildly slap the shoes until they were dead, or out of sight.
Jenna refused to go back to the corner and got re-situated in the front while poor Lexi toughed it out, but no worries we quickly found that no one was safe, not even those on the top bunks, the rest of those roachey-refugees were Enroute for any dark warm place they could squeeze into.
So, I did what anyone should do in that situation. I zipped up my jacket, pulled my hood snugly around my face, wrapped up in my blanket and pushed all thoughts of anything crawling out of my mind, and fell asleep.

In china, 'getting there' is always a part of the adventure!!

Until next time (pictures to come)!


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  1. I can just see you now, going to town on those roaches! Sleeper buses...hm. Sounded like lots of fun.