Part Four: the perfect end to a perfect holiday

(amanda.. again..)

Saturday morning the troops took a little longer to wake up than on days previous - most of them stayed up late dancing the night away with the birthday girl, however I love my sleep too much and called it a night after dumplings and dessert. So Saturday morning, I was once again an early riser (two days of being the first up, a new record).
The morning was crisp and clear, not a cloud in sight. Again I found myself sitting in the beautiful common area of our hostel with a bowl of delicious oatmeal (we Smiths eat oatmeal like it's going out of style), my journal and the view. I could have stayed there forever.

The boys showed up eventually after checking out from their hostel and making the 45 minute trek with all their luggage to our place.
Once everyone was up - we broke off once again in search of lunch (yes, it was about noon by the time everyone finally woke). A group of us ended up at, you guessed it, Kelly's for a second round!
This time I took a chance and ordered something I hoped would be a good stand in for one of my most favorite comfort foods - a grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. Luckily, tomato soup was on the menu and as for the grilled cheese, I ended up ordering (with crossed fingers) a baguette with cheese, in hopes that it would suffice.
This is the end result, you could say I was satisfied:
Prestons heavenly egg and veggie sandwich

Awe Kelly, we love you!

Being our last day (so sad) in the beautiful Yangshuo, our group decided to spend it zooming around on scooters! Preston and I, having done the whole scooter extravaganza on our honeymoon opted for a tandem bike rental instead.
 We took the path we had been on the first day but went down the right side of the fork rather than the left. It so happened that turning right magically led us to the Yulong river where we got to experience a real bamboo raft river ride!
This is the Yulong

This is a photo of all the many bamboo boats
This is a photo of a beautiful ride
This is a photo of the weird man who kept splashing us 
this is a photo of two kids on a boat in the middle of China
this is a photo of a murder about to be witnessed

This is the best photo we have as a married couple
The bamboo ride was quite epic, and when I say epic I mean it.

We continued on after the ride through the countryside where we made an unexpected friend (who really liked the taste of the draw strings on my jacket).
Pretty little friend
Here are some photos from our ride home:
insta - prestonjames100
who says it takes two to tandem?
No comment
Our excellent Saturday adventure earned us a third meal at Kelly's, if you don't know by now, we looove this place! I ordered a margherita pizza, Preston got a yummy chicken sandwich - but we didn't get a photo of it (can you believe that?) so this picture of Konners bacon burger will have to do

 Afterwards Preston and I split the most delicious donut I have ever had, fresh made, hand dipped in warm chocolate and covered in nuts. Don't worry, I ended up here one last time right before leaving.

The worlds best donut can be found in Yangshuo

After one final donut we all made our way down the street to the bus station and nervously awaited another roach filled night bus - but alas, we landed ourselves what we dubbed 'the hilton' of night buses! This one was so shiny and new, not one unwanted insect in sight! Preston and I landed a sweet spot in the back so we could be by each other. We spent the first bit chatting, then we pulled out the old iPad and watched The Impossible (I cried 93% of the movie). During the movie I realized again that I needed to use the restroom.. I worried that since this bus took off later than the first, we wouldn't make any pit stops, I panicked yet again! But shortly after trying to convince myself to calm down and making a plan for relieving myself out the window, the bus exited the freeway and came to a halt at a rest station. I was off that thing in a flash, and to my pleasant surprise this rest stop was a significant improvement from the last (go here to read about our first night bus experience). After our stop I think we all slept like babies. 

Our trip was perfect in every way.

I hope everyone had a great conference weekend - we'll catch up with you later this week (:

Love, the Smiths

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