Women's day gno

So earlier last week one of my girls Chloe suggested that we have a girls night out, a good old fashion GNO if you will. We planned to have it on Friday, March 8th – when it finally rolled around we realized that March 8th was national Woman’s day, how purrfect! 
We did Woman’s day right by going down town to get our nails did – 25RMB for a manicure (that’s $4) and 88RMB for shellac (around $14, cheaper than home!). We accidentally took over the small nail salon as there were eight of us versus the three of them - but they graciously worked away even though I am sure we kept them later than their normal open hours (oops).
It took nearly three hours to get all 80 nails manicured and painted but it was worth its weight in girl talk!
After nails, we were starving, naturally (sitting for that long is hard work, right?) so we walked ourselves down the street to a bustling 24 hour Muslim noodle shop. Have I written much about the noodles here yet? Well, I love them! They are soo, sooo very good. One heaping plate of delicious noodles is no more than 14RMB – that is a whole meal (that could easily be shared, too bad I am a stingy eater) for $2.25! Oh boy. Noodles will be the death of me here!
ANYWAY.. moving on. The owner of the shop set us up a table out in front, which was perfect because the inside was packed and the weather outside was lovely. We (as English speaking American folk) love restaurants that have their dishes pictured on the wall, because ordering is as simple as pointing, however, when special requests are made such as ‘No meat’, this is very complicated to communicate! Luckily for us, a sweet Taiwanese woman was walking by when the ordering confusion was at it’s peak, she asked in very clear English if she could help us order, so I said most definitely and pointed her towards the girls in our group who were struggling!
People here have been so kind to us in every way, especially when it comes to the language barrier. Already in the two and a half weeks we have been here, we have encountered so many locals who know enough English to help us out whether it be ordering food or getting on the right bus. It’s a blessing both ways because we receive much needed help and they get a chance to use a language they have studied so hard with a native speaker.
Chinese people are great!
After stuffing our faces, we paid, waiting for the Kaiyin bus, and arrived home just before midnight!
A GNO done right. 

OH - I was surprised by a sweet little gift from Presto – a happy woman’s day plant! I love all things that grow and if we were to stay in China any longer I would have one of those apartment balconies you see that are covered with all sorts of flowery and viney greens. Thanks baby!

(Also thanks to McKay and Konner for the treats!)

Love, Amanda

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