Prestons Birthday Palooza!

Mr. Preston Smith celebrated his big 21st March 4th!

Two days before we left for China I was able to pull off (with the help of sweet family and friends) an early surprise birthday/going away party for my cute husband. It went more perfectly than I could have imagined, he walked into my house with our good friend Elliot, under the impression that he was coming to get me for sushi when everyone yelled 'surprise' which was accompanied with the sounds of party poppers and noise makers! Preston was completely surprised, shocked and a little confused!
 The party was just shy of 2 weeks away from his real birthday but I so badly wanted to celebrate his big day with friends and family so two weeks early just had to do! I think he had a great time, once he realized that the party was for him.
Go here to see more shots from this little shin-dig!
I planned on making him french toast for his birthday breakfast, but the breakfast at our schools cafeteria is just so darn good that he opted out on american brekfy for china brekfy! Every morning they have a variety of different rolls and pastries (the are mostly delicious however avoid asian rolls that have orange shards of dry stuff on them - it's dried pork meat and it is pretty gross) with a noodle dish as the main course. Noodles for breakfast?! H-yeah, I love noodles anytime of the day, noodle maniac over here! We have noodles a lot. Not as much as rice, but a lot. The best way to describe the breakfast  noodles is that they taste like fried rice, but instead of rice, noodles! SO good.

March fourth landed on a Monday, so the first part of Prestons day consisted of teaching but did not go with out his obnoxious wife/head teacher interrupting his classes to the children to sing a beautiful chinglish rendition of 'heppy bersdae'.

After teaching we took off for walking street where Preston and a few others explored a pagoda over looking hustle-and-bustle of walking street
The Pagoda above walking street
McKay, Konner and Preston getting their China-on
Cool b&w of the entrance to the Pagoda 
The alley below 

Around dinner time we met up with our native coordinator Gloria who so sweetly picked up a lovely birthday cake for Preston and so graciously got us to the right bus headed for our dinner spot: Pizza Hut.
 There are a handful of well known American franchises in China: McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. The menus are slightly different but you get the same gist as the ones at home. The biggest difference would be how nice these fast food joints are in China, they are less of a fast food place and have more of a nice sit down feel to them.

So pizza it was for the joyous occasion! Amazingly with enough tables and chairs, the staff of Pizza Hut arranged it so all 19 of us could sit together (16 teachers from Kaiyin, including Preston and myself, one  teacher from a near by school called Shiqi, and two native coordinators, Gloria and Vicky- who met us at the restaurant)!

Dinner was fantastic. Preston and I, missing cheese as we did, obviously ordered a large cheese and pepperoni pizza with cheese filled stuffed crust - and a fruity salad as per Prestons preference.
Can you spy the surprise(s) in our fruit salad?
the motherload!
"Keep yer filthy paws off"
BEST PART: China Pizza Huts supply GLOVES so that your sweet little fingers don't get greasy!

After stuffing our faces, and stomachs, we broke out Prestons lovely cake. It was quite the treat! It tasted very similar to angel food cake and was covered in delicious fruits of all kinds.
Birthday boy + creepin' McKay in the corner
Cute little cake detail made out of chocolate
A well deserved frosting-to-the-face thanks to little Vicky
It was quite the night, we got home late with full bellies, happy faces, and good laughs.

On a side note, one plus of having your birthday in China is that you get to celebrate your birthday a day early, then you still get nice notes and messages from people in the states on your birthday in America! Happy three birthdays this year sweet boy! I love you and so does everyone else, you are the greatest human to be on the earth in the past 21 years!