Photos from Prestons early surprise birthday/going away bash

Here are some fun shots from the early-surprise-birthday-slash-going-away-shin-dig
Tizzy, our sister-wife
Asian Joe!
The great and wonderful Melissa & Ben
The original goons - E'an, Smell and Brando

Nate telling us not to get lost, and stuff
Cousins - Corey (bad a) and Keva (sweet a)
Cousins James and Hina
Grandma and Grandpa Sharpe - great grandparents and landlords!
Nipples-McGee and his sidekick Happy
Bronson, Chels, Unicorn, Dev, Kelsi and baby Maci (who was born March 7!)
Super sad Z 
Momma throwing party!

The gang from the Orem hood - Justin, Kinley, Berkleigh, Mckall, Sour Preston, Amanda, Demi and Parker
I spy a creeper
Presto and Mama Maurnie 
Our sweet baby sue, Alyssa Danielle! 
Being Cute?
All the Tillotson Siblings!
Zac, Amber, Jake, Taylor and Ty

Notice: How Preston does nothing to help me and my poor little brother (who collapsed under my weight, apparently)

Melissa & Ben who so graciously delighted us with the sweet sounds of their voices singing The Right One Came by the civil wars (since Preston first heard this song he has said that Ben and Melissa need to cover it - they have their own little band and make lovely tunes together) 
Taylor and Ty spanzin' it up
The one and onlys: Tiz and Joe!
Sister wives together for one last time
Alyssa and her adopted sister creep Taylor
Practicing our China faces 
one Alyssa knocked off a couch!

Thanks to everyone who came and for all the help in preparing everything!!

xoxox amanda

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  1. Hahaha Nipples Mcgee!! Has anyone translated the white board for you?