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Preston and I went on a date last weekend to a nearby city called Xioalan. We didn't really go with a plan in mind so we ended up getting an address to a large shopping center  from a boy we met on the bus and decided to give these motorcycle taxis a try 
It was a blast! Here's the deal though, we felt slightly offended, they made us ride on separate motorbikes even though other motortaxis had up to four asian people plus the driver! Preston and I together equal at least four asians.
On the bright side, this photo would never be with out Preston riding in front of me, doesn't my driver look like a happy buddha? 
Not at all an uncommon sight
WE LOVE PINEAPPLE! Especially, on a stick! 
Movie theater style popcorn!!
We found an Americanized diner just around the corner that serves a little bucket of popcorn with your order! Now anyone who knows me understands the special place in my heart and my stomach for this magical buttery substance.
bike rickshaw, what an adventure 
Preston took this lovely shot at the reservoir that is nearby 
We seldom have pictures together, so sometimes mirror shots are necessary.
The Green Smoothie lives on in China
We are loving the babies here
There is beauty all around this Chinaland

Love P and A Smith


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