Oh my Guangzhou

Well gang we are not doing so hot on our goal of daily blog posts but we are busy bees and as soon as our lives slow down a bit I am sure we will find the time…So it has been a week since we last spoke. We had a full week of teaching last week and it is getting better and better. One of my lessons I am particularly fond of was cameras made out of jello boxes! It was fun and I was able to sneakily take photos of all the kids so I will post some of those pups on the blog. We also explored around our city more and found a HUGE reservoir about a mile away from our apartment its very pretty and cool to get out of the city. Speaking of cities, the highlight of this week was definitely our trip to Guangzhou. We were invited to our branch conference for church in guangzhou. Amanda and I were able to charter a bus to take out group of 42 to the conference. Our bus was supposed to drop us off 15 minutes before the conference and instead we were about an hour and 40 minutes early which was a-ok. The city is huge and there is a ton of cool architecture. After we arrived amanda and I and mckay and jenna all went on a walk along this huge river. On our walk we saw a bunch of old ladies dancing and an older woman with a sword. Needless to say it was worth the walk. Eventually we ran into a big crowd of people waiting at a gate so we decided to wait with them and suddenly the gate opened and everyone flooded into a giant area in front of a HUGE stadium. We found out it was the site of the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony (Fun fact: Amanda was in last in China when the games were happening) and it was pretty epic. We walked around there for a bit and took some photos than we walked back to the hotel where our conference was. The Conference was insane. It was so weird to be in a giant room with a bunch of people who speak english, and are talking about religion (because we have to be very careful to never talk about religion around other people besides our group.) There were many speakers and it was so cool to hear about everyones lives and hear their testimonies. I especially enjoyed one kid who spoke who was 16 and had a very thick accent I want to say slavic of some sort but I don't really know but he just had a great testimony and after he spoke he got off the stand, walked out into the congregation to his dad, and kissed him on both cheeks then walked back up and sat on the stand. It was so cool to be around so much culture. After the conference we hopped on the bus and he took us to the house of the Guangzhou branch President where we were having lunch and a fireside. He lived on the 35th floor or a very nice building. When we got to his floor we couldn't believe the view. You could see all of the city and than some. It was incredible. The other incredible thing comparable to the view was the food. Don't get me wrong I have loved the food in China but rice is rice and sometimes something different sounds good. They had homemade chili, homemade whet bread, homemade jam, pasta salad brownies and the list goes on! It was so awesome to have a taste of home in china. The presidents wife was named Rosie and she was such a sweet lady when we tried to thank her she would just say, "for what?" as if she hadn't just fed 50+ hungry americans. In other news after the fireside Amanda and I received callings! Amanda is the relief society coordinator and I am the group leader which basically entails caring for our group of 50 and assigning lessons and following up on home teaching and visiting teaching. We are so excited for the experience. Well that about sums everything up. We have a vacation this week that I already know will lead to a very juicy blogpost so look forward to that one. Meanwhile, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

One of many market streets
I was taking a group photo and this lady rode by, don't be deceived by the photo, she was going like 20mph.

At the top of a huge pagoda in a huge park

For some reason older people here are always with kids. We have concluded that it's because both the parents need to work so the grandparents babysit the kids all day, because really most old people will be holding a baby.
Marvin and Lucy

Zhongshan(only a small part, it takes hours to travel throughout this city)
Performers, this is the huge stadium we got to walk around.

Very cool tower

Don't Jump! This is the view from the branch presidents house.
Alright Thats our week, we are loving China so much! We want anyone and everyone to come visit us because nothing short of being here can describe how different and great it is! We love you all and miss you, stay positive and have a wonderful day!

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