We are Home…In China!

Amanda and I have finally made it to our apartment in Zhongshan, China! Our trip here was an amazing fiasco in itself since we were traveling as a group of 51 teachers. Amanda and I along with the other 4 head teachers sort of took the lead of the entire group and helped everyone get to where we were going. Our whole group was overwhelmingly awesome and positive and we didnt lose anybody. We had an overnight layover in Seoul, Korea which was really nice because we stayed in a very fancy hotel. When we arose the next morning we had a quick buffet breakfast and than hurried to the airport. We had over a hundred pieces of luggage as a whole so loading up our luggage and transporting it long distance proved to be quite the conundrum. But alas we were able to load up and get to our flight on time! It was really cool in Korea all the people were extremely nice and welcoming and they all bow to you which makes you feel like royalty. Our flight from Korea to Guangzhou which was about 3 hours, once we arrived there we met with some ILP people (our native coordinators) and walked our luggage all around the airport to load it onto busses. When we arrived at our bus we were informed we would have to load our luggage onto the bus and then me and the 6 other guys would have to go unload our luggage onto a truck that was outside of the airport (the truck wasn't allowed into the airport for some unknown reason). But when we started loading luggage onto the bus the driver began yelling in chinese and arguing with our coordinators and it all went down in front of me and it was awesome. Eventually they declared that we would leave our luggage in this parking lot and all load onto a bus and go to our school and our luggage would be brought to us later. The bus ride was great, we got to see a lot of China because it took a few hours to get to our school but it was fun to mingle with all the excited teachers and overtime the bus came inches from smashing a family of four all packed onto a moped but the family wouldn't even flinch so we assumed that was a common occurrence. So after the sweet bus ride we arrived in our city and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It feels like a vacation! The city is a richer city and so its very clean and just great. We have explored a bit but we haven't even scratched the surface. Today we rode the bus to a market that was a nice little grocery store. We will probably visit this place often because its cheap and has a lot of stuff that we wanted to try including chicken feet! So that is our time so far it has been beyond great! Our group could not be cooler we all get along and everyone is happy and fun. We are assured to have adventures a plenty and therefore we hope to fill the blog with oodles and oodles of stories so keep checking back! We love you, keep it positive, and we will see you later!

A giant wing sticking out of our plane to Korea

We were racing MaryAnn and Amanda at the airport and MA decided to do a belly first penguin slide to show off to all the innocent bystanders it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Our cute kitchen in china!

Our school (taken from the roof of our apartment building) Its very nice and it was cool outdoor workout equipment.


  1. Great to hear everyone got there okay. Let the adventures begin.

  2. How fun! I love the view out your window. I am glad you guys are there safe and sound. It sounds like you are already having a blast and you haven't even started yet. Can I confess that I am slightly jealous of you both? Traveling the world together and having adventures already at such a young age? I am so excited to see your awesome shotz and hear about your fun things every day. Keep the stories coming. :) Be safe. Love you guys. xoxo

  3. I just realized I've been to your school! I'm in Guzhen, so 1 hr away by taxi, 2 hrs away by bus. We go to Kaiyin for church :) Not to be creepy but I totally blog stalk you to get ideas for trips and such