Saturday night dates

While Presto was off on a hockey date with Tizzy Saturday night, I was having my own date with my girls from China!
All seven of us have our own crazy lives and yet we still manage to make time to get together, to catch up and to laugh about the fun times, the crazy times, and the grumpy times. My favorite part about this get together were the "China Confessions". It started when Maizy admitted to stealing a spoonful of Brookes Nutella once a week, which is hilarious because we all coveted that Nutella and any other American treat someone else had that we didn't. Oh, the stinginess we all experienced at one point or another! My confession was more of an apology for being so selfish with my pictures. I took hundreds (too many) a week and was so selective on which ones I would share with the girls! I literally had anxiety about sharing my photos thinking, this is my art - I captured this which is, so silly. Even better is that we discussed how a certain three or four of us would all take the same picture of the same rock/tree/building/bike/person secretly trying to 'one up' the others. Between the seven of us, I think we have literally 35,000 photos. Yikes!
Anyway, it was a fantastic night that was fun, laughter, and crepe filled. That's right, two batches of crepe batter were cooked up, rolled up and consumed that night because well, that was one of our favorite and most constant desserts in China (thank goodness for a dessert that is essentially milk, eggs, flour and sugar)!
During dessert we had a good old fashion stick up in the Smith home. Demi sabotaged our date by inviting one of her large man-friends to burst into the house masked with a 'gun' in hand. Maizy practically launched her self under the table while the rest of us weren't quite sure how to react. Let's be honest, if it was a real mad man, offering him a delicious nutella and banana crepe would have fixed everything. This happened before Brooke (who worked until nine) arrived, so we invited them to come back and pull the prank again except this time we were all in but poor Brookel! It was great. Maybe I can track down the video footage (:

Here we are in Shanghai 2010

(Click here for more photos from China 2010)

Here we are in my little kitchen, the same awesome group of girls, different hair (:
Jessie, Cait, Brooke, Demi, Ashley, Maizy, Me

xoxo Amanda Smith

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