Keel Kalm...

Keel Kalm and Carry On is a wonderful motto, or at least the Chinese think so. We haven't even been here a week and we have been so blessed to see so many things that are incorrectly translated into english. My personal favorite is a giant quote in one of our classrooms that says: "the devil is in the details, every good deed makes a thing". I am sure we will see many more of these misquotations and I will assuredly share the good ones. So we have been in planet China for 4 days now and we are still loving it! Amanda is constantly doing ten things at once and handling it very gracefully, she has 15 of us hoodlums to manage and she is doing great. speaking of madness and chaos we taught our classes for the first time yesterday and my heavens was it a rude awakening. We had kids running to and fro, I had a kid spit milk on me and lick me, needless to say it was a bit overwhelming. Amanda continually reassured us it would get much much better and today that already proved evident. We all gaged our teaching in a slightly different direction and worked a little bit harder, that and Amanda's pep talk helped us all have a teaching day today that was better even a hundred fold. It was really great and I already like my kids a lot! They are little either terrors or cuteness and they do the weirdest things I cant help but like them. Plus some of them have cool names like Link, Gaga, Elvis, Haro, and Amy 2. So teaching is definitely something that will take getting used to but I know we can all do it and learn to love it! Aside from that we have just been exploring our town a bit and shopping a bit. It is amazing how cheap we can get things here. We love to get dumplings at a little shop where they give you a little cup of peanut butter to dip them in. It will change your life. They are unbelievable good and it is 4 yuan for a pan of 8-10 dumplings which is roughly fifty cents. It is really cool to eat for cheap and I know when I get home and I am paying 8 bucks for food I will feel robbed. But I will enjoy it while I can I already bought a 1 dollar rubic's cube and I foresee a blender and a remote control helicopter in the foreseeable future. So keep checking our blog for the updates of our crazy purchases as well as our crazy teaching adventures! We love you all keep it classy and keep it positive until next time!

What a good motto

They do this in between our classes so we just sit and watch.

a delicious breakfast!


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  1. Where is that squatter at? I love the motto's. You guys will be the best little parents someday because you are getting all this experience on how to teach!! Good job! Love you two!