Just start playing hockey!

So It was our plan to post on our blog daily and after 3 successful days we missed a day…but we are not giving up! Yesterday amanda had a date with all of the china girls and I went on a date with our good friend tizzy. We went to a grizzlies hockey game with some friends and holy crap was that awesome! The instant when we walked in, two players were fist fighting and they had to come scrape blood off the ice and then the game resumed as if nothing had happened! Hockey just moved up my list of favorite sports which is not hard to do because photography and inventing aren't really sports. But it was a blast and I recommend it to everyone there's just something special about screaming at a bunch of guys on ice I don't know what it is? That was very neat and today amanda and I created some indian Naan for a dinner at her cousins and it turned out pretty tasty If I do say so myself; all of the food was awesome and it reminded me of how much I love curry. It was fun to hang out with her cousins we really want to take them on some cool hikes this summer because they are all from out of state and don't have any clue what kind of sweet hikes Utah has to offer so we are incredibly excited to take great people on great hikes. So This is todays post, not the most exciting jumble of words but at least its not just a jumble of words? Keep it classy everyone and stay positive! love the Smiths
Game Goers

way into hockey

literally scraping blood!

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