Hello from Korea!

It's been a few days since our last post.. We know you are all dying to hear from us?!
Well. It's been a busy past couple of days. Monday, Presidents day, we celebrated by packing. Tuesday night I threw a surprise EARLY birthday party for Presto, and I must say, he was completely surprised. Wednesday we packed up our house and hit up an awesome sushi night/last 'American' dinner with some friends. Thursday we got to the airport at 6am to fly from Salt Lake to Seattle, and from there boarded a short 11.5 hour flight to Seoul, Korea where we got put up for the night in a really nice Best Western - dinner and breakfast included, booya (<who even says that?)!!!

So now, it is Saturday, about 5:15 am, but to my traveled body it still feels like 1:15 PM, on Friday! Jeeshe, time travel kind of messes with you! Both Preston and I tried to stay up the whole flight from Seattle to Korea so when we arrived at our hotel we would be able to sleep. Fortunately, Korean air is an amazing airline that supplied us with tons of movies, 2 meals - plus snacks, and a good amount of leg room. 

Oh boy. Did I mention there are roughly 50 ILP teachers on our same itinerary? Talk about a party! I have got to say it but I believe this is collectively the most awesome group ILP has out here in the big old world! Everyone is super friendly, I have noticed that most everyone has made the effort to get to know everyone else - even if they're not assigned to the same school. Everyone has been very patient too which is a luxury/necessity, patience is a must while traveling, especially internationally! 

Since I don't have much time (we need our bags down in the lobby in thirty minutes, breakfast is at 6, our bus leaves to take us back to the airport at 6:30 sharp), I will elaborate on Prestons pa-pa-party and other events, like WHY we are moving to China in the first place, after we get settled in Zhongshan.

Wish us luck!

xoxox Amanda + Preston  

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe it's already time for you to be in China! We never went on our snow shoeing adventure! I guess we will have to do something equally fun when you return! Safe travels!