Developing film: Honey moon

Today I picked up two rolls of film from our honeymoon.
It's fun to see them seeing as it was practically a week in paradise.
Everything was so beautiful, green and lush! 
I miss warm.
Film is lovely and the photos capture such memorable moments. Oh, there are also a few oldies from our trip to Denver last September! 
Rasta Joint on Cozumel 
at one of our favorite places, the buffet!
Our sweet little waiter took this photo for us at lunch on Cozumel
Dos Equis!
Feeling blue 
Always ready for action!

coolest tree, ever!
looka, looka
oh, just a hole in the ground
portrait time, all the time
sand sitter
Preston of the Playa
just looking
Back Alley
garden greens at our resort 
You may recall our little trip to Denver to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.. well here are some snap shots from that little excursion 
ownin' the town
A little bit of skit-scat on the street
Back alley models
Temple & one lonely shot of WA

 a week before we sent out our invitations!
Inside of Pike's Place - one of our only film photos of our trip to Washington. It was far too chilly for our photo snapping fingers

Man, oh man. I love photos. Preston LOVES photos. We need more wall space!


  1. I LOVE YOU TWO TOO MUCH FOR MY OWN GOOD. beautiful, beautiful couple.

  2. Always love the photos. Always.