China on the brain

February is a very exciting month, it is the month of love, it is the month when the weather does crazy things, it is the month when Preston and I get to go on a grand adventure.  On the 21st we will be embarking on our journey to Gaungzhou China to teach english for the duration of four months! It seems unreal since we have been planning for this excursion since of last year (March!).
I am so excited for so many things.
The food, the school, the kids, the traveling, the learning, the photos etc, etc!
Speaking of photos, here are some of my favorite photos from the last time I was there 

Linchuan, China Fall 2012 
MANDARIN oranges 

Bikes, everywhere, all sorts!

little cacti

after the rain - a view from my dorm window 
sweet baby I made friends with one bus ride 
Just some mannequins, taking a lunch break
Who needs diapers?
sun flare action

I loved our kids


moon hill - yangshuo

yangshuo - most beautiful  place ever

China's 'family car' photo cred to Jessie

Looking through all the photos bring back so many memories. 
China is soooo wonderful, and soooooooo different from here. 
Like a friend who went there before me, I like to refer to it as, Planet China.

I cannot wait to go back and better yet to go back with Preston!
No more of this nonsense:
showing off my 'normal food' - china
chatting from my little apartment in Kyiv to my cute fiancé in Lehi!

I will of course be missing my girls from my first China venture. The experiences we had, are legendary.
Me, Cait, Demi, Brooke, Maizy, Ashley & Jessie 
but, I am still very excited to meet my new group and for the adventures that await.

Phew so here's to you China, see you in two weeks!

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  1. I love your photography, China looks amazing through your eyes. I wish you two all the best. I know it'll be a blast, and I'm very much looking forward to the photos to come.