belated - day o' love

Oh valentines day, how great are you?
V-day is the one day of the year that I will wear a pink button up with a red jacket.
Call me a walking valentine!

I feel like this whole week was a big fat valentines day date!
Preston took me out to redeem one of our many coldstone gift cards earlier this week. I was oh-soooo pleased with my selection: Peanut butter & oatmeal cookie batter with pecans. Random, right? And OH-SO delicious!
This is how much i loved it^

We went to our V-day dinner on the 13th to The Blue Iguana in Salt lake followed by a little bit of shopping for China; a few t-shirts, an earphone splitter, and little book called Chinese Slanguage - that. is. AWESOME! It is pretty much a book for very visual people who literally like things spelled out for them. It takes a phrase or word in mandarin and spells it out just how is sounds. For example if you are learning 'How are you' - which is ni hao ma, in the book it shows the way to say it as 'knee how ma'. Perfect for picking up basic words and phrases.

Anyway! Valentines day morning before I left for work Presto made me a yummy breakfast of buckwheat porridge and toast (he makes me breakfast every morning, I am a very spoiled girl). After work I met Preston in Orem for a surprise lunch at The Chocolate, where we had a very nutritious meal (which is no less than what you would expect from a cafe called THE Chocolate):
Cazookie! A giant fresh baked cookie with one giant scoop of vanilla ice cream on top

From there I kissed my boy 'ttfn', since now he was now the one off to work, and I returned home to find another surprise..
A clean house, with clean kitchen floors, freshly vacuumed carpet, an empty sink and a table decorated with the cutest things
'Let's have an Adventure' - our life motto! Lovely flowers, dried mangos (one of my favorite all-nat treats), Blackberries (my favorite kind of berry), WHITE BEAN HUMMUS from Trader Joes (best hummus ever!), and delicious chip boats to carry the precious hummus cargo from the dish to my mouth! Oh, and a few kisses (he said he purposely went more healthy on my v-day 'treats' because he knew we were in for a sugary lunch.. what he doesn't realize is I could've easily handled my weight in chocolate)!
This guy truly knows the way to my heart, food, flowers and adventures. 

On a side note or two, 
Preston fixed his favorite little 35mm camera all by himself even after a 'camera fix-it man' told him that he could fix it for a cost ($90!?) and confidently told Preston that that camera wasn't worth it. Presto loves that little camera and it takes some really nice shots so of course he didn't give up and with that mechanical brain of his he carefully took it apart, and fixed the problem in all about.. 10 minutes.
The self-timer was jammed on our little Olympus friend - but no worries, Preston fixed him up, good as new!
and on a side note of a side note, we leave this Thursday!
Now, look how cute this guy is!

xoxox amanda

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