Chill in the air... Of our house?


We will sleep under a blanket of freshly fallen snow by *Nishe on Flickr.
Last night I experienced a less than comfortable sleep - I am sure Preston can vouche for me.
Lots of tossing, turning and shivering?
I jumped out of the covers into the freezing morning air to find that our propane stove, our source of heat and comfort in the midst of an extremely freezing winter, had gone out. Our little house was a whopping 45 degrees all night!
It used to go out all the time when we first moved in, in November, before the weather was hitting the negatives. The fix is pretty easy but I was miserable, and barely awake so I grabbed our little space heater threw it on high and jumped back into bed so ornery about the whole situation!
I woke up again to find the furnace back on and my husband beside his book, curled up in a tiny ball, on our tiny couch, covered with a little fleece cowboy blanket, dead asleep, space heater a foot away from his exposed bare feet. All I can say, is I should've taken a picture. I mean, I really should have taken a picture. He was precious!
Just so you are not worried, I recovered from the cold and the oneryness of the morning and replaced it with hot tea and gratitude that i have a roof over my head and a cute boy who takes care of me.

Hope everyone is staying warm and happy during these cold January days!


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