The most wonderful time of the year!

Greetings, from the new and awesome Smith family! We have been married about 18 whole days now, call us old timers!
We have so much to update on, our perfect day (the wedding), our adventures in Playa del Carmen (honeymoon), life in the cottage in the garden (our new little home) and much more but real quick I am going to tell you about our first family night, presented and planned by none other than the fantastic Mr. Smith himself!
Christmas decor-making! 
We stopped by one of Presto's favorite places, Savers, and with a budget of $10 rounded up a bunch of random second hand Christmas ornaments and decorations (I will have you know we only spent $6 -sweet). We gathered more RANDOM supplies at home.. these supplies consisted of things like: Scissors, string, beads, bottle caps, ribbons, acrylic paints, mason jars, duct tape (we don't have any normal tape yet), super glue (we don't have any elmers either), cardboard boxes, pinecones, pine needles, leaves, etc. 
^best santas, ever^ 

The first Smith crafty craft family home evening was accompanied by the wonderful Christmas Devotional give by the first Presidency, 
followed with a Christmas classic, Home Alone!

Top left to bottom right: Santa and string tree terrarium, "Ethnic Santa", Old Kris Kringle sitting on a pine cone and Up on the Roof Top

Hope everyone is finding this Christmas season as enjoyable as we are!! More to come.. stay tuned!

Amanda Smith!

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