It's getting real..

it's a little late in the evening for this wedding-er so this blog will be short, sweet, and have a few fun photos for all -
 Preston had wedding shoes on his mind..

 This boy amazes me more everyday! Not only is he actively if not single handedly planning our wedding (with my mom, and his mom, I am the real slacker here), he was the production manager and my right hand man for the last few months at the circus - meaning hours like 6:00pm to 10:30pm on weekdays and 6:00pm to 12:30am on weekends... On top of it all taking 16 credits at UVU!! The photo below exhibits one of thee only times i have ever caught him taking a cat nap in his busy life but hey if anything is going to make you want to fall asleep it would be Chemistry or Math or whatever homework he was truckin' through at the time!
He is so stinking cute and smart and dedicated and handsome and funny, I think I'll marry him.

 Cute kid shortly after he got his wisdom teef out, maybe the drugs persuaded him this was in fact his leopard coat, and not my moms.. 

Last Friday was a big day for us in our journey to eternal companionship, Preston was able to receive his endowments at the Mount Timpanogos temple in the company of our sweet families! I can't wait to go back there with him, all I have to say is.. It's gettin' real! 
Preston boy, we've made it 11 months so what's 11 more days? 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!