32 days!

Well hello my friends,

            Holy Hannah life is good right now, busy, but good! Amanda and I are professional jugglers of important things and yet we still find time to have a good time! Two saturdays ago we were able to attend the SLC Makers Faire which is a coalition of extremely creative people sharing their ideas which was right down our alley. And we got awesome t-shirts out of it so double bonus! We also were lucky enough to attend the awesome dance performance THRILLER with our maid of man Elliot Wathen. Which was especially great because our dear friend, and Amanda's Maid of Honor, Alyssa Goering was performing in thriller so we were able to see her bust a move and even eat a healthy lunch before with her. Needless to say it was a good time. In other news me and Amanda try to plan our wedding whenever we have a free minute which is not very often but our wedding is coming together and we have so many helpful people to make it happen its just gonna be a great time! We have accomplished a lot for how busy we are, we are sending out our handmade by amanda invites this week, Amanda picks up her dress today and she probably will put it on at least 100 times before we are married so lets cross our fingers I don't accidentally see it in one of her bridal fits of excitement. I also made progress by ordering a suit for our wedding which is a big deal because I have always planned on getting it from DI so I feel like I am putting on the ritz. We also have all of our food figured out so fear not dear friends you will have something to eat on our momentous day! Ok I am done with my crazy update rant I must get to class but before I go you must know I love all of you and I love Amanda MORE goodbye!!

 Sincerely, Captain Preston James Smith

 Our shirts we made when we were creative...foooorrrrr cuuuuutte
 Amanda's usual dinner
 Our work attire
 good friends and really good food
            I just put this one up because LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!!

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