The most wonderful time of the year!

Greetings, from the new and awesome Smith family! We have been married about 18 whole days now, call us old timers!
We have so much to update on, our perfect day (the wedding), our adventures in Playa del Carmen (honeymoon), life in the cottage in the garden (our new little home) and much more but real quick I am going to tell you about our first family night, presented and planned by none other than the fantastic Mr. Smith himself!
Christmas decor-making! 
We stopped by one of Presto's favorite places, Savers, and with a budget of $10 rounded up a bunch of random second hand Christmas ornaments and decorations (I will have you know we only spent $6 -sweet). We gathered more RANDOM supplies at home.. these supplies consisted of things like: Scissors, string, beads, bottle caps, ribbons, acrylic paints, mason jars, duct tape (we don't have any normal tape yet), super glue (we don't have any elmers either), cardboard boxes, pinecones, pine needles, leaves, etc. 
^best santas, ever^ 

The first Smith crafty craft family home evening was accompanied by the wonderful Christmas Devotional give by the first Presidency, 
followed with a Christmas classic, Home Alone!

Top left to bottom right: Santa and string tree terrarium, "Ethnic Santa", Old Kris Kringle sitting on a pine cone and Up on the Roof Top

Hope everyone is finding this Christmas season as enjoyable as we are!! More to come.. stay tuned!

Amanda Smith!


It's getting real..

it's a little late in the evening for this wedding-er so this blog will be short, sweet, and have a few fun photos for all -
 Preston had wedding shoes on his mind..

 This boy amazes me more everyday! Not only is he actively if not single handedly planning our wedding (with my mom, and his mom, I am the real slacker here), he was the production manager and my right hand man for the last few months at the circus - meaning hours like 6:00pm to 10:30pm on weekdays and 6:00pm to 12:30am on weekends... On top of it all taking 16 credits at UVU!! The photo below exhibits one of thee only times i have ever caught him taking a cat nap in his busy life but hey if anything is going to make you want to fall asleep it would be Chemistry or Math or whatever homework he was truckin' through at the time!
He is so stinking cute and smart and dedicated and handsome and funny, I think I'll marry him.

 Cute kid shortly after he got his wisdom teef out, maybe the drugs persuaded him this was in fact his leopard coat, and not my moms.. 

Last Friday was a big day for us in our journey to eternal companionship, Preston was able to receive his endowments at the Mount Timpanogos temple in the company of our sweet families! I can't wait to go back there with him, all I have to say is.. It's gettin' real! 
Preston boy, we've made it 11 months so what's 11 more days? 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!! 


Jumping Jillickers

Based on the amount of times I post something on our blog, i have 2 more blog posts until we are married! Thats right folks this day you have all been waiting for is just 20 days away!!! In reality I think only Amanda and I are counting down but you all should be excited to party with us at our reception! Yowza it is crazy how much can happen in 12 days! we have ordered our cake, my suit, my ring, and printed and sent out most all of our invitations(with much help from MaryAnn). We are so excited for November 16th to come! Meanwhile we have been working hard at the circus and only have 4 days left which is another countdown worth taking note of. The Haunted Circus is a great, crazy experience we have been featured on about every news and radio station and even though me and amanda are mostly in clown attire its still fun to be on TV. Amanda was even interviewed with Bob on good things utah and PCTV. I am marrying a famous person! So we will miss that crazy circus, for the most part. This week I had the pleasure of eating soup and yogurt daily because I got my wisdom teeth removed on tuesday. Luckily I have seemed to heal up quickly and am feeling swell. Amanda and I have been frequently visiting the little house in Provo we will be dwelling in for a few months before china. It is an awesome little place behind her grandparents house. It is going to be so fun we will surely have a house warming party, where you will all literally come and heat up our house. Every time we go there we get even more excited because we will be there together! We are so excited for times to come we hope you enjoy our little blog and my crazy writing that happens whenever I have free time. We love you and will see you in 20 days!

Love Amanda and Preston

Ps I love amanda more than peanut butter sandwiches!

 Some creep took a photo of us on our canyon walk
 sending our invites with love
 being videographed
why does food make me so happy? 


32 days!

Well hello my friends,

            Holy Hannah life is good right now, busy, but good! Amanda and I are professional jugglers of important things and yet we still find time to have a good time! Two saturdays ago we were able to attend the SLC Makers Faire which is a coalition of extremely creative people sharing their ideas which was right down our alley. And we got awesome t-shirts out of it so double bonus! We also were lucky enough to attend the awesome dance performance THRILLER with our maid of man Elliot Wathen. Which was especially great because our dear friend, and Amanda's Maid of Honor, Alyssa Goering was performing in thriller so we were able to see her bust a move and even eat a healthy lunch before with her. Needless to say it was a good time. In other news me and Amanda try to plan our wedding whenever we have a free minute which is not very often but our wedding is coming together and we have so many helpful people to make it happen its just gonna be a great time! We have accomplished a lot for how busy we are, we are sending out our handmade by amanda invites this week, Amanda picks up her dress today and she probably will put it on at least 100 times before we are married so lets cross our fingers I don't accidentally see it in one of her bridal fits of excitement. I also made progress by ordering a suit for our wedding which is a big deal because I have always planned on getting it from DI so I feel like I am putting on the ritz. We also have all of our food figured out so fear not dear friends you will have something to eat on our momentous day! Ok I am done with my crazy update rant I must get to class but before I go you must know I love all of you and I love Amanda MORE goodbye!!

 Sincerely, Captain Preston James Smith

 Our shirts we made when we were creative...foooorrrrr cuuuuutte
 Amanda's usual dinner
 Our work attire
 good friends and really good food
            I just put this one up because LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!!


RHCP - We have such an awesome life!

This week was thus far the busiest and best of all September!
Last Thursday Preston, myself and 7 of our dearest friends went to Denver Colorado for the day to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The concert was originally scheduled for March 3rd earlier this year but got canceled and rescheduled for September 27th (which worked out really excellent for me because I was admitted into the hospital late the night of the 3rd and I was really happy to have my sweetheart and friends come and be with me)!

The majority of our group drove to Denver Wednesday evening but because we had to be back in good time on Friday Preston, Elliot, Alyssa and myself flew out the following morning.
 here we are waiting for our shuttle - ironically the man who was waiting for the same shuttle and took this photo for us was in my photo class at UVU last summer
 waiting to board our lovely 61 minute flight to d-d-d-denver!

Our faithful friends Mike and Ben dutifully picked us up from the airport from which we picked up the rest of our group and with 9 packed (safely) into a minivan went into the city for some good old fashion tourism and photo taking.
ready for an adventure
 an exquisite polaroid taken by the talented Elliot Wathen
(left to right: Taylor Savio, Brandon Hadlock, Me, Michael Snyder, Preston Smith, Alyssa Goering)
Lunch at Boney's BBQ Pit - delicious southern food was partaken of here
Presto and I REALLY liked the food

fun black and whites by Benjamin Savio
strutting up to the Pepsi Center
we're going in!
 Best seats in da house (second to the last row from the top)
The Gang - after the AMAZING show! Sporting our new merch
-left to right -Taylor, Tyler, Michael, Brandon, me, Presto, Benjamin, Elliot, Alyssa

After three hours of screaming songs, dancing like mad and gagging on our neighbors weed smoke we made a very fitting trip to a local Denny's and picked the food items that would make us feel most sick, which we were very successful at! 
We lucked out to have a place to crash for a couple hours (Ben and Taylors sister lives near Denver), and when I say a couple, I mean a couple! We got in at about 1:30 and slept till five, left at 5:15 for the airport where we shortly boarded our 6:17 flight to SLC.. was it worth it? INDEED IT WAS! 
Shuttle back to the car from the SLC airport in the early morning hours

BASICALLY it was the best 20 hours ever. 

Well all, look forward to a post from Presto covering the rest of the week and it's ventures!


Goodbye Summer

Amanda and I in Bear Lake for my family Reunion.

We care SO much about food
The beautiful summer is officially over and magical fall has just begun. I, for one, couldn't be more excited that fall is here because we have officially been engaged through all of the seasons which means our marriage is in the midst. We are busy little bees between circus, school, wedding, Crossfit and generally being radical dudes and that just makes time fly by even faster!  Surprisingly between the both of us we have only had partial mental breakdowns but we are really refining our time management/selective procrastination skills.  It has helped immensely to know there is a light at the end of our busy tunnel, we are so excited for the transition from busy bookworm workaholic circus freaks to hobo-esque world traveling eternal companions. But really Amanda and I have learned the very important lesson of making the best of anything. I owe a great deal of this skill to my sweet Amanda who on any occasion can make me laugh so hard my feet hurt. I am so excited to spend the rest of eternity with this sweet girl and we are so happy to share this spectacular journey with all of you! We will continue to stay positive and update this blog with our day to day escapades we love you all goodnight!
Captain Preston James Smith


Our week

Thursday night we got to go to my cousin Mark, and his new wifey Rachel's wedding dinner. It was a great time with great food and great people. The whole thing went wonderfully and made us super excited for our own wedding to get here! Presto and I can't wait to be their neighbors in November!

Earlier this week we did some food tasting with a potential caterer. The photo below is of Presto teaching me to how to eat out of a cup.

Here we are studiously working on our registry at Target. Presto is the gun king/hog, this photo is one of the small handful of times I ever had the gun in my possession. 
that boy loves his sponges!

(Pretend the next picture is me holding Preston) Us at the circus!

Ok, maybe it is me and Amber, boy and I will work on getting more cute work pictures together..

xoxo all, and goodnight!


Not that I am counting..

54 more days to go!

For any of you who have talked to Preston or myself recently, you know that we love countdowns. We love that the numbers keep getting smaller, and smaller especially when we started out with a number such as 334. If you ask Preston, we are getting married in 8 more fridays (which really freaks me out because that is a single digit number, a whole new level of excitement!), but who's counting, right?

So as the first official post on our cute little blog I thought I would throw on some (fairly) recent photos.

PDA at the Beach House concert
Lookin' fly at the ranch
 Testing out sleeping bags at REI
Cute boy lookin' good!
Brooke and Pauls reception!

More to come from our crazy wonderful lives, stay tuned!

♥ Amanda

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